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“Organizational compliance” refers to an organization’s tangible efforts to prevent, detect, and otherwise respond appropriately to wrongful behavior associated with the actions of those working on an organization’s behalf. This includes directors, officers, employees, agents, and independent contractors.

All organizations, regardless of their size and purpose, are expected to proactively avoid wrongful acts by policing themselves. Engaging an organizational compliance expert is an important step towards creating effective compliance programs. These programs indicate that an organization is attempting to be a good corporate citizen. The existence (or non-existence) of a compliance program can have a mitigating (or aggravating) influence on civil and criminal culpability if problems occur.

To qualify as a valid compliance program, however, it needs to be put into practice and enforced in such a way that it will generally be effective. Ineffective organizational compliance programs can exert important influences on decisions leading to wrongful behavior for which organizations are responsible.

COMPLIANCE ANALYSIS consults with organizations and attorneys regarding the effectiveness of organizational compliance. Dr. Gary Green will help an  organization evaluate the effectiveness of its compliance programming, and will help attorneys identify compliance issues focusing on whether an organizational defendant acted or did not act to prevent the harm in question. Dr. Green has authored several publications related to organizational legal compliance and is currently Associate Professor of Government and Public Affairs at a Virginia university.

The following are just some of the areas where organizational compliance can be an important issue:

Bad Faith by Insurance Companies
Employer Misconduct
Food Health Law
Premises Safety
Nursing Home and Hospital Care
Defrauding Customers and Employees
Anticompetitive Business Activities
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