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Premises Security Liability: Witherspoon Security Consulting - Expertise in Hospitality (Hotel, Motel, Resort; Bars and Nightclubs; Fast Food and Restaurant) Parking Lots and Garages; Office Buildings; Retail Stores and Shopping Centers, plus, Shoplifting Detentions and Use of Force. Offices in: OH - will travel out of state

Ronald E. Creak: Escalator and Elevator Expert - Specializing in elevator accident investigation, claims resolution and expert witness services. Experience with more than 2500 cases, NAESA Certified ASME QEI Elevator Safety Inspector. 40+-year career spanning the elevator and escalator industry. Offices in: TX - will travel out of state

Tree Safety Expert: Ivan Katzer - Consulting arborist and tree expert, providing services for landscape architects, developers, builders, municipalities, golf course managers, home associations, homeowners, insurance companies, commercial property owners and managers, and attorneys. Offices in: MO - will travel out of state

Howard Cannon - We provide expert witness services for restaurant, bar, hospitality, franchise, and food service related matters, in addition to any type of restaurant litigation. Offices Nationwide

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