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Please see these listings in the Computers Expert Witness category.

Brooks L Hilliard, CMC, CCP - Consulting/testifying expert for: Computer system & software non-performance Computer forensics I.P. Over 90 assignments in 24 states; Qualified in state & Federal cour Offices in: AZ - will travel out of state

Machine Control Software Expert - Robotics & Factory Automation, Machine Control Software, Programmable Logic Controllers, Machine Accidents & Machinery Safety, Instrumentation & Control. Offices in: TX - will travel out of state

Artzat Consulting, LLC - Arthur Zatarain, PE - Expert Witness for computers, automation, instrumentation, electrical & electronic engineering, and multi-dicipline technology. Qualified in US Federal Court. Offices in: LA - will travel out of state

Bernard Briggs - Expert litigation support in the area of Software Technology Design and Development. Offices in: TX - will travel out of state

Eric Lakes, Cyber Agents, Inc.-Computer Forensics - Litigation Support-Criminal-Civil Evidence Review Computer Forensic Data Recovery-Expert Witness Deposition Consulting CLE Training Electronic Evidence Discovery Offices in: KY - will travel out of state

Morochove & Associates Inc - Computer forensics and expert witness services to support civil and criminal litigation by experienced computer consultant and chartered accountant. Offices in: CA - will travel out of state

RMG and Associates - Semiconductor consulting & patent expert support for process,device, & circuit development including DRAM, Flash- NAND & NOR, EEPROM, SRAM memories,microprocessors, and analog Offices in: CA - will travel out of state

John Levy, PhD - Dr. Levy is a technical leader in the computer, software, storage and Internet industry with over thirty years experience; PhD in Computer Science from Stanford. Offices in: CA - will travel out of state

Fair Opinion: Expert Witness in Computer Software - Provides Expert Witness and Consulting Expert services related to complex Information Technology and computer software litigation and disputes. Offices in: IL - will travel out of state

Expert in Software, Internet and Electronics - Expert Witness Providing Litigation Support in Software, Internet and Electronics Technologies, and Prosecution support for Patent Applications - Free Claim Chart Generator! Offices in: CA - will travel out of state

Binary Intelligence - Ohio Computer Forensics - Fully licensed, Ohio-based investigative agency that provides expert computer forensic, high-tech investigation and eDiscovery services. Serving since 2000. Offices in: OH - will travel out of state

Mark J. Keith, PE - Consulting and forensic engineering services for attorneys and insurance companies regarding fire investigations, electrical and electronic product failure analysis. Patents Offices in: NC - will travel out of state

LWG Consulting - LWG is a leading forensic engineering that provides expert witnesses for causal analysis, vehicle accident reconstruction and computer forensics. Offices in: IL - will travel out of state

P2, LLC - My expertise is in robotics and computer vision. I have been an expert witness for the automotive industry. I would be interested in doing more work as an expert consultant. Offices in: CO - will travel out of state

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