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Please see these listings in the DUI & DWI Expert Witness category.

Gregory Zavatsky: Forensic Toxicologist - 26 years experience in Alcohols, DUI, post-mortem, narcotics, drugs & driving, NIDA testing, drugs of abuse (blood & urine) and lab instrumentation (GC, GC/MS). Licensed in forensic and clinical toxicology. Experience explaining complex issues to juries. Offices in: CA - will travel out of state

Toxicology Labs. Inc. , Dr. John Vasiliades - Expert Services in drugs and alcohol. DWI criminal and civil case. Drug testing and impairment. Offices in: NE - will travel out of state

Beron Consulting, Ronald E. Henson, Consultant - Beron consulting focuses on breath alcohol testing and analysis, field sobriety, alcohol physiology & pharmacology, workplace drug & alcohol testing, and litigation support. Offices in: IL - will travel out of state

Dean Bartels DUI/SFST Instructor/Expert Witness - Over 26 yrs. law enf. experience. Certified on Intox.1400, EC/IR ll. SFST/HGN Instructor. Critique of videos, arrest reports and court testimony. Offices in: ZZ - will travel out of state

Offices of Perry J Zucker - Degreed Engineers - Experts for traffic accident reconstructions, auto black box, airbags, traffic control devices, speeding tickets, probable cause traffic stops -criminal, civil, traffic court Offices in: ZZ - will travel out of state

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