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Please see these listings in the Forensic Testing & Forensic Analysis category.

Gregory Zavatsky: Forensic Toxicologist - 26 years experience in Alcohols, DUI, post-mortem, narcotics, drugs & driving, NIDA testing, drugs of abuse (blood & urine) and lab instrumentation (GC, GC/MS). Licensed in forensic and clinical toxicology. Experience explaining complex issues to juries. Offices in: CA - will travel out of state

Richard N. Ernest - Forensic Ballistics-Firearms testing, Shooting Scene Reconstruction,Gun Accidents,Comparisons of Bullets-Toolmarks-Cartridge Cases,Gunshot Residues,Distance Determinations,etc Offices in: TX - will travel out of state

Lester W. Roane, PE/H.P. White Laboratory, Inc. - Guns, ammunition, and armor; shooting reconstruction; gunshot residue; bullet and cartridge case matching. Offices in: MD - will travel out of state

CRASH FACTS - Professional Traffic Collision - Accident Reconstruction, Crash Data - "Black Box" Information Retrieval. Expert Forensic Testimony. Servicing the Entire Southwest. Offices in: AZ, CA, NV and NM - will travel out of state

Crime Scene Expert & Consultant - Crime Scene Expert and Consultant with 30 years experience, Gary A. Rini provides Crime Scene Reconstruction, Bloodstain Pattern Analysis and Critical Case Review and Analysis Offices in: OH - will travel out of state

Ronald Scott 623-764-6371 - Ballistics, Firearms expert, toolmarks, gunshot distance, trajectory, crime scenes, reconstruction, expert witness, microscopy, shooting invests, police training & procedure. Offices in: AZ - will travel out of state

Eric Neblung PhD - NY Licensed Psychologist - Dr. Neblung is a NY Licensed Psychologist (Lic. #017068) located in Nyack, NY. He offers psychotherapy, psychological testing, forensic evaluation, and expert consultation. Offices in: NY - will not travel out of state

Michael A. Knox, BSME - Expert in crime scene reconstruction, firearms, ballistics, shooting incident reconstruction, bloodstain pattern analysis, death investigations & crime scenes. Offices in: FL - will travel out of state

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